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Important Informations

  • >Classes are regularly held twice a week Saturday and Sunday OR on Monday and Wednesday.
  • >Each class is of 2 hours duration.
  • >Doubt Removal Sessions are held once in a week on Friday or any other week day as suitable.
  • >Regular Review Tests are held for all students to check their grasp on concepts and fundamentals to gauze the level of their preparation and performance
  • >The result of all Review Tests or Periodical Tests are properly intimated to the parents of the students on their E-mail or Whatsapp.
  • >Parents -Teacher Meeting (PTM) will be held time to time to discuss deeply the progress of the students face to face.
  • >Classroom Study Packages on various topics on Mathematics for JEE (Main and Advanced), Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) and Revision Question Banks are provided to all registered students for their comprehensive preparation.
  • About The Faculty

  • >A Renowned Faculty of National Repute in the Realm of Mathematics, having more than 22 years continuous IIT-JEE (Advanced) and JEE (Main) Teaching Experience.
  • >Very well known among the parents and student community for his Unique Teaching Style, having to his credit of Selections in IITs, NITs, 3000 Plus DTU, NSIT, BITS PILANI, IISc, CMI, Indian Statistical Institute and other Reputed Govt. Institutions
  • >200 Plus Students Qualified in KVPY, INMO and IMO under his guidance in last 8 years.
  • >Has been a part of successful team continuously for more than seven years in a reputed school of Faridabad, produced, AIR-1 in 2009 and AIR-1 in 2012 in IIT-JEE (Advanced) and many other Top Ranks under 500.
  • 51 Basic Tips For Best Preparation For JEE (Main and Advanced)

  • >Setting your own goal
  • >Start from where you are now
  • >Practice
  • >Read By Text Books
  • >Pace Yourself
  • >Start With Your Favourite Subject
  • >Link The Chapters
  • >Identify Your Weak Subjects
  • >Test Yourself
  • >Work-Out a Time-Plan
  • >Don't Waste Time
  • >Participate In Games and Sports Etc
  • >Pay Attention to Your Personality
  • >Repeat What You Have Studied
  • >Repetition Refreshes Memory
  • >Work-Out An Attack Plan
  • >Ask Questions From Yourself
  • >Don't Be Frustrated
  • >Connect Common-Life Events With Your Studies
  • >Think Rationally Towards Future
  • >Take Benefit of Advice of Superiors
  • >Act Immediatelye
  • >Don't Befool Yourself By Inventing Excuses
  • >Don't Skip Difficult Questions
  • >Learn By-Heart
  • >Finish Every Day's Work Everyday
  • >Manage your time efficiently
  • >Budget Your Time
  • >Try Tricky Problems After Small Time Gaps
  • >Handle the Problem In different Phases
  • >Try Alternatives
  • >Plan Your Actions
  • >Concentrate
  • >A Golden Rule
  • >Try Readily Available Audio-Visual Aids
  • >Sleep Well
  • >Arrange For Some Accomplishment Feedback
  • >Seek Models of Achievement
  • >Take Benefit From Other's Experience/li>
  • >Finish Up Every Job You Take Up In Hand
  • >Share Your Experiments
  • >Learn the Art of Quick Scanning
  • >Devise Your Own Study Plan
  • >You Need Not Start Reading From The Very Beginning
  • >Mark Key Points
  • >Use More Than One Text Books
  • >Control Your Sentiments
  • >Have Faith In Your Caliber
  • >Criticise Yourself
  • >Stop Short-Circuiting Yourself With Alibis